what’s the story with StoryBook

By | February 2, 2021
Getting started with Storybook 5.0 for React | Frontend Development

Storybook is a great UI testing tool and is simple to install in your react project. To install enter the following.

npx sb init

Now check that is running by typing

npm run storybook

Storybook will compile and present a page like the following. If not navigate to ‘http://localhost:6006/’.

The storybook example also installs some react components that you can play around with and get comfortable with the tool. These are all located under the ‘stories’ folder in your project.

Clone our repo

If you just want to use the repo for this post clone it here. https://github.com/JimmySoftLLC/react-typescript-example

Then do the following in VSCode

npm install
npm run storybook