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get containers to talk to each other

By | September 9, 2020

Container ports We saw in the last blog we were using -p 8080:80. The -p parameter specifies which port to expose through the docker firewall. You can see how the port resolves using docker container port web1 To get the ip address of your container use docker container inspect –format ‘{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}’ web1 .… Read More »

knock on dockers door and get in

By | September 5, 2020

In the last blog we created containers and looked at them from the outside. Next we will install ubuntu and get inside our container. Once there we can play around and install an apache server. This will be fun. ubuntu play time Let’s create an ubunto container using the following command docker run –name myWebServer… Read More »

don’t dock docker, its great

By | September 3, 2020

Install docker on your mac Install docker on your mac using the following instructions. Is it running? Type in docker version to see if docker is running properly. You should see both the client and a server listed with no errors. Docker help If you type in docker –help you will get a list… Read More »

agile needs to be cleaned

By | August 26, 2020

With so much talk about scrum masters, kanban boards, Jira etc. it seems Agile is overly complex and hard to do. Where have we gone wrong? It can be helpful to look at the original agile manifesto created from this meeting at Snowbird in early 2001 and see if we are still covering the basics.… Read More »

free tier expired now paying for AWS, oh no!

By | July 23, 2020

It was nice to get free services from AWS under the free tier plan. It’s hard to believe a year has passed and now I have to start paying for it. This blog will be about my first real bill and how I am going to move some services around to see if I can… Read More »

Fang Online assessments

By | March 11, 2020

This is my second attempt at interviewing at a Fang company. I love their cloud product and keep coming back to the well hoping to get another drink. I figured if I can just get in I can eventually get to the position I really want, full stack engineering. In hindsight just apply the the… Read More »

Fang phone interview

By | February 28, 2020

This post is about a phone interview I had with a Fang company for a front end engineering job. I did not pass to the next level with Fang after this interview and I hope I can help others by telling my story. Not sure where I failed but after thinking about I have some… Read More »

user story / bug estimates

By | January 2, 2020

After creating a user story or bug the team should be included in the estimation process. There is a great benefit to involving the team. First it allows them to have a stake in estimating their workload, but more importantly it is accurate. The reason why is because of the principle of collective opinion, also… Read More »

myDynamoDB in react

By | December 13, 2019

My first react project is available online at MyDynamoDB is a social media app that saves github users to a database using API gateway, lambda functions, and a dynamoDB database. The user data comes from github using the github API. Watch the video about it here Goals for the project My main objective in… Read More »

what is all this Agile talk about?

By | July 12, 2019

In my previous job we practiced agile by having sprint meetings every day. However the business was run more with a waterfall approach. We called it Agile but it didn’t use any of the typical tools you find in agile training. There were no user stories, burndown charts, agile board or component testing done. You… Read More »